Would you like to know what it is like to respond hypnotically?

Giulia Cabbai asked 1 year ago
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Hi guys!

I am a researcher at the University of Sussex and we are currently investigating individual differences in hypnotic suggestibility and its relations to various other traits. Hypnotic suggestibility is an individual trait that is relatively stable. The variability reflects the general tendency (among the population) to respond to hypnosis and various hypnotic suggestions.

Info about the study

The online study attached here is constituted by a short imagery questionnaire + hypnosis screening exercise.

The hypnosis screening involves listening to an induction (where you are given suggestions to relax and concentrate) followed by a number of hypnotic suggestions to have particular experiences. You will not be asked to do anything embarrassing and will rate your own responses to the suggestions afterwards.

With your consent, we may then contact you in the future with opportunities to take part in further research.

If you open the link, you’ll be first asked to provide consent and do a brief imagery questionnaire (less than 10 min). Even if you already know where you are in the imagery continuum, it’s really important for me that you complete this part. Then you will be shown the link to the hypnosis questionnaire.

IMPORTANT: Please open the link in Google Chrome and on the computer (no mobile phone) if it’s possible. The second part of the hypnosis screening is a questionnaire with several items, please do not try to go backwards in the browser (by clicking on the arrow in the top left corner or pressing backspace) as it will stop the experiment and will result in the loss of your data. During the experiment you will be asked to listen to a recording (so it’s better if you’re in a silent room or wear headphone), respond on the keyboard and at some point you have to press ENTER, the experiment won’t continue until you do so, so please pay full attention once you start it!

The entire experiment would take around 1 hour of your time but would make a big difference for the progress of my PhD project.

If you are happy to take part in the online study, please follow the link below.


If you want to know more (and get an estimate of your level of hypnotisability), just PM me!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post

Colm Roe January 22, 2020 01:14 am


I’d be intertested in taking the test, but I’m so busy at the moment. When does this test close?


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