Prisoner’s Cinema-Not completely dark in here.

MasterWeaver asked 1 month ago
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I just took the screening test. When it comes to visualizing images, I can’t visualize even simple things like an apple. Aphantasic? Yes!

That said, I never thought much about my inability to visualize images because I have always been fascinated with my experience of what I now know is termed prisoner’s cinema. (link below) Ever since I can remember the colored patterns have been there dancing about. I can see them when I look at blank white walls or when close my eyes. It’s a 1960 concert projection liquid light show in my head. Nothing ever resolves into any visual imagery while I’m awake. (Dreamland is a completely different story. I see all sorts of weird things there.)  This personal light show has fueled a large part of my creative output in textile design and abstract art.

Anyone else with the light show but no images?


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