Can you remember faces?

Pepe asked 11 months ago
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I discovered I have aphantasia a week ago, it came with the subsequent researching obsession that comes with it. I\’ve read that people that have it, have trouble recognizing faces, and that\’s very far from true in my case, I often recognize people that I crossed paths with in the street once or twice a week before and I\’ve been told that I\’m really good at drawing portraits and capture unique gestures and qualities on them. I\’m curious if someone has the same experience as me.

caitlyn digweed February 10, 2020 02:14 am

I’m usually pretty good with faces and recognizing people i haven’t seen in years. Unlike you I’m not good at noticing certain aspects of people’s faces or drawing them but i can recognize them.

NatalieHodgson September 28, 2020 07:16 pm

I can recognise people’s faces when I see them, but I have to have seen them regularly before I get to that stage. A friend has commented I seem to have high pattern recognition, so maybe that is why I can do that?

I can’t remember faces at all, so I guess I just need a visual cue to recall information?

NelleC03 November 06, 2020 10:18 am

I have no visual imagination at all but I can recognise people easily. I’m really good at remembering faces and who people are, people I see once, everyday or actors/celebrities. But I can’t visually imagine them and see them in my mind.

Micktaa November 06, 2020 06:11 pm

I can recognize faces, even if I’ve only met people once (more likely if I’ve met them recently though) and I’m good at distinguishing people unless it’s dark or I met them in the dark.

I cannot visualize faces or details. I am not an artist, but if I were to attempt to draw faces, I’d adjust my drawing according to how I "felt" about the lines on the page. In other words, I have to see it on paper to figure out if I think it represents reality. There is not image in my head.

My guess is my drawing would be a similar quality to the average 8-13 year old. I say this because I have no idea of the average adult’s ability to draw.

It’d certainly be interesting if in an alternate reality I chose to maximize my artistic potential. I wonder how I would draw the people close to me. How I might exaggerate or miss details about their faces.

Judith DeWitt November 23, 2020 04:47 am

I can recognize people’s faces when I meet them or see photos of them; however, I cannot visualize their faces at all when they, or their photo, are not present, including people like my husband with whom I have lived for 39 years.

I can also recognize most people’s voices on the phone after hearing only a few words, but cannot reproduce that sound in my head if I am not actively hearing it.

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