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Aphantasia Research Recruitment

Are you looking to recruit the right research participants for your aphantasia study? Are your seeking new opportunities to share your aphantasia discoveries with an engaged and receptive audience? You’ve come to the right place!

Aphantasia Network is at the forefront of understanding and advocating for those with aphantasia, a condition where individuals cannot voluntarily visualize imagery in their “mind’s eye.” Our network has grown exponentially over the years and now proudly represents a vast research recruitment pool of over 50,000 individuals interested in participating in new studies. As a pivotal voice in the aphantasia community, we continuously work to bridge the gap between people with aphantasia and the researchers dedicated to unraveling its intricacies.

Collaborating with the Aphantasia Network offers researchers an unparalleled opportunity to tap into a diverse and engaged group of individuals from across the imagination spectrum who are ready to participate in groundbreaking studies. Our commitment to advancing knowledge around aphantasia means we prioritize collaborations that have the potential to shine light on this relatively uncharted territory. With a range of flexible recruitment packages, from self-directed membership access to comprehensive recruitment campaigns, we strive to meet the needs of research teams of all sizes and focuses. Additionally, our robust platform ensures effective dissemination of your findings, allowing your research to make a meaningful impact within our specialized community. 

If you’re looking for research recruitment support or opportunities to share your findings with a network of individuals deeply invested in your aphantasia discoveries, the Aphantasia Network can deliver that audience to you. Complete the Research Collaboration Form below to get started.

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"We have had a wonderful experience working with the Aphantasia Network on this project. We have already shared our positive experience with several colleagues, and I will definitely recommend working with the Aphantasia Network to anyone who is looking for extreme imagery participant recruitment"
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FAQs about Aphantasia Research Recruitment

Why recruit with us?

When you’re on the cusp of groundbreaking research, finding the right participants is paramount. The Aphantasia Network offers an unparalleled opportunity for researchers to tap into a rich and diverse pool of individuals, many of whom are keenly interested in participating in studies that seek to understand the intricacies of aphantasia. Whether your study requires a targeted subset or a broader range of research participants, our established community is primed to support your research recruitment needs, ensuring that your study gets off to a strong and promising start.

Do you offer localized research recruitment options?

Yes, we can run campaigns with more localized target options. Complete the form above and be sure to mention your specific location requirements.

What are the requirements?

To recruit through the Aphantasia Network research pool we require proof of ethical clearance from your institution prior to disseminating your study through our various channels. 

Can you help me reach my research recruitment goals?

Yes we can! Depending on your budget and timeline, we can send multiple email recruitment campaigns to help you meet your research participant goals. 

What if my research is currently unfunded?

If your research is currently unfunded, we can help by providing a written statement or letter of support for a research grant application. If you only have a small budget, we recommend the membership option. Membership grants you access to our private community forum on Discord. It is here where you can introduce yourself, you research project and share links in our dedicated new studies channel. Membership also includes access to our live events and community meetups, further opportunities to connect with other researchers and community members.

I completed my study, can I publish my findings?

Absolutely. We’d love to feature an article about your findings. Submit an article concept here and we’ll be in touch with next steps. 

Why share your findings with us?

After pouring countless hours into your research, it’s essential that your findings reach the right audience. Collaborating with the Aphantasia Network ensures that your discoveries resonate with an engaged and specialized community who deeply values advancements in aphantasia understanding. Beyond just publishing your results, we offer avenues for more immersive dissemination, from guest contributions that detail your insights, to presentations where you can directly connect with our members. Elevate the impact of your research by sharing it with those most invested in its implications

I am interested in presenting my findings to the aphantasia community.

We love to host researchers for a live presentation of findings and Q&A session with our member community. If you’re interested in presenting your research, complete the form above and we’ll be in touch to set up a time for an introductory chat.