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Our Aphantasia Specialist Course is not just a training program for understanding aphantasia; it's a community. Elevate your understanding of aphantasia and make a meaningful impact on unique minds.
You’ll gain access to the latest aphantasia insights, a supportive network, and the neurocoaching you need to become a leader in empowering individuals with aphantasia.
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I am currently seeing a therapist for the first time and tried to explain why 'visualization' doesn't work for me. He looked at me like I was crazy.

Here's the problem:

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Emails to Aphantasia Network:

Learning about aphantasia has left me feeling quite unsettled. The realization that I can't visualize like others has been a shock, and it's affecting my mental health. I need to talk to someone in the New York area who understands aphantasia and can help me navigate these feelings.

I recently discovered that I have aphantasia, and it's been really tough to process. I never realized how different my experience of life is compared to others, and it's causing me a lot of anxiety and stress. I'm feeling very isolated and would really appreciate some guidance on who I can talk to about this.

My daughter, who is now 20, has never been able to visualize in her mind’s eye. Throughout her O and A levels, she relied on repetition-based learning. She builds a solid foundation but struggles with assimilating information quickly and recognizing unusual patterns in questions.

She has made it to vet school but is finding it difficult to keep up due to the volume of information. She is hesitant to admit her difficulties because she fears the university might doubt her capability. I have spoken to the university, and they are willing to support her, but they are not familiar with aphantasia.

Is there anywhere we can go to have this assessed?

I am a counselor working with a client who appears to have aphantasia. They have difficulty visualizing images, which is impacting our work together.

I am looking for resources that can help. Any recommendations or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, is there a connection in The Netherlands or an organization who works with/for afantisie people ? I'm looking to speak with someone who knows a lot about this.

Aphantasia Specialist Certification

Get certified to provide specialized support for individuals with aphantasia with our online course. You’ll unlock full access to the course and materials. Certification includes a 1-year listing on our global services directory, a lifetime membership to the Aphantasia Network community, and exclusive networking with other practitioners.
$999 USD
Available Fall 2024
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What You’ll Learn in the Aphantasia Specialist Course

Our self-paced aphantasia course is designed to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience. The course is divided into 6 modules, containing practical exercises that you can apply directly with your clients, along with templates you can use immediately.

Understanding Aphantasia

Gain a comprehensive foundation in aphantasia by exploring its characteristics and variations. You'll learn about the different ways aphantasia manifests and its implications on daily life. This module sets the stage for deeper insights and practical applications.

The Brain Behind Aphantasia

Dive into the cognitive and neurological underpinnings of aphantasia. Understand how the brain processes—or doesn't process—visual imagery, and what this means for aphantasic individuals. Explore the latest research and theories to enhance your knowledge.

Psychological Impacts of Aphantasia

Examine the psychological impacts of living with aphantasia. From mental health considerations to emotional well-being, this module covers the unique psychological landscape of aphantasics. Learn to identify and address the specific needs of your clients.

Neurocoaching Fundamentals

Get introduced to the principles of neurocoaching and its relevance to aphantasia. Learn how to apply neuroscience and coaching techniques to support personal and professional growth. This module provides the tools to start integrating neurocoaching into your practice.

Applications in Aphantasia

Focus on practical applications of neurocoaching specifically for aphantasic clients. Develop strategies to help them overcome challenges and leverage their unique strengths. Participate in interactive exercises and real-world scenarios to refine your skills.

Aphantasia Intervention Strategies

Explore intervention strategies that don't require visualization. Learn techniques to support the unique cognitive and emotional needs of your aphantasic clients. This module equips you with some tools to effectively guide your clients towards better outcomes.

Meet The Instructors

Picture of Lori Simpson

Lori Simpson

Certified Master Executive Coach and Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching

As an experienced executive and business leader, I have experienced first hand the quantum shift in human performance and flourishing with the right kind of support. As a certified master executive and neurocoach, I specialize in providing support to individuals and teams that leads to the transformation and results they desire.
Picture of Tom Ebeyer

Tom Ebeyer

Patient Zero, International Speaker and Founder of Aphantasia Network

Founder of Aphantasia Network and one of the first 21 cases that brought aphantasia to light. My personal journey is deeply intertwined with the phenomenon. I am at the forefront of raising awareness, fostering community, and championing the unique experiences of those with aphantasia. Today, I proudly run the world's largest network for aphantasics and continue to connect and empower our global aphantasia community.
Picture of Jennifer McDougall

Jennifer McDougall

International Facilitator, College Professor and Co-founder of Aphantasia Network

As a co-founder of the Aphantasia Network, I am dedicated to ensuring compassionate support reaches every corner of the globe. I have facilitated international workshops and taught graduate-level courses in foresight, entrepreneurship, and human-centred design at leading Canadian universities. My award-winning design work, featured in the MIT Press, reflects my commitment to creating impactful, world-class learning experiences.

If you believe aphantasia limits you, it will.
If you embrace it as a powerful asset, it becomes one.

Aphantasia Specialist Certification

The Aphantasia Specialist Certification Course equips practitioners with the latest insights to support individuals with aphantasia. Participants gain a deep understanding of this unique cognitive experience and receive a certificate to showcase their expertise.

What's Included

$999 USD
Available Fall 2024
Early Access Bonus: Lifetime directory listing! $199/year