Theme: Strategies

Memory is tricky whether you have aphantasia or not. Here are some strategies you can use to learn and remember.
A psychology practitioner begins to bridge the gap between practitioner and client in relation to aphantasia.
Many easy ways to meditate without a mind’s eye. Next time you find yourself frustrated by the inability to visualize in meditation, give some of these alternatives a try.
When I learned about aphantasia I began to wonder... How might the vividness of our individual imaginations impact our design process?
What do typical visualizers experience? How vivid is the hyperphantasic experience? Designer Melanie Scheer introduces a new way to visualize the visual imagination spectrum.
Artists, writers, illustrators, photographers and all people who work with their creative impulses are not limited by their aphantasia.
How do I create if I cannot create things in my imagination? Artist shares creative workarounds for aphantasics.
Master photographer shares tips for expanding your photographic talent with aphantasia in this article on photography, creativity, and aphantasia.
If you can’t visualize, how can you write? Write by patchwork. Award-winning aphantasic author shares tips for how to write with aphantasia.
Discover the art of aphantasia. How Disney animator and 'mind blind' artist Glen Keane creates without visualising.