Topic: Emotion

Discovering you have aphantasia often accompanies a complex mix of emotions, ranging from confusion and sadness to relief and a heightened sense of self-identity. This discovery can be a pivotal moment, leading to profound personal insights and a reevaluation of one’s cognitive experiences. Sharing these experiences with others who have aphantasia provides invaluable opportunities for connection and mutual understanding. It opens up a space where individuals can find common ground, exchange diverse perspectives, and cultivate community. This collection of personal stories is a testament to the power of shared narratives in navigating the emotional landscape of aphantasia. By diving into these accounts, you can witness the transformative impact of community support and the emotions accompanying the journey of understanding and embracing this unique cognitive trait.

Recent research has illuminated the challenges individuals with aphantasia face when remembering the past, shedding light on a concern that resonates deeply within our community.
How I used a metaphorical aphantasia stamp to explain all of my perceived shortcomings.
When your life has been filled with trauma, you have to wonder: could aphantasia and SDAM be the source of the trauma, or could they be the means of healing?
Discovering aphantasia and Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM) is a roller coaster of emotions. Yet I learned to understand myself and others better.
Aphantasia may be an imagination extreme but it occurs naturally on a marvellous spectrum of human experiences.
Realizing you have aphantasia is a discovery. Discoveries can be challenging. Tips for navigating therapy and aphantasia.
Alan Kendle was a true citizen scientist of aphantasia. He will be missed by many members of the aphantasia community to which he contributed much and by which he felt supported and sustained.
What if we could see images in our minds while awake, just like we do when dreaming? A dream turned revelation changed this aphantasics life forever.
Standard outpatient procedure turned stroke, peripheral vision deficit and an unnamed loss of visualization. My mind’s eye was erased.
Nothing like picking peach leaves in absolute darkness. I’ve only known about aphantasia for a little over half a year, and it’s been difficult to come to terms with it.
November 13, 2022
I found out more than ten years ago that I am affected by aphantasia. In turn, logic is very strong, which makes me weigh every decision in life beforehand. ...
September 24, 2022
I found out yesterday itself, that am aphantasic. Ofcourse been thinking about it… Hypothesis – I think that we ( guess atleast me)  don’t ...
July 25, 2022
Though I score extremely low on the empathy dimension of personality/psycopathy tests, I actually can and do empathize. Rather than being an emotional respon...
To begin, let me clarify my understanding of empathy vs sympathy.  Empathy means experiencing someone else’s emotions while sympathy is an ability to u...
May 15, 2021
Hi! So I was wondering if other people have trouble empathising with people (close ones or not). I have trouble feeling empathetic for my friends or someone ...
February 22, 2021
Aphantasic, or anyone. Do you enjoy having mental images? Or are they overwhelming? Can you control your mental images or are they a controlling nuisance? I ...
January 3, 2021
Hello, My first post and it’s rather sad, sorry. My grandad died last week on his 93rd birthday. My father was not close to his parents so we didn̵...
December 16, 2020
I discovered I had aphantasia about 1 year ago. It hit pretty hard. I am bilingual and and English is my second language. When people told me to picture some...
February 24, 2020
I’m over 30 and just realizing most people can “recall” and “imagine” sensations, how about feelings and emotions?, I can remem...
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