Topic: Inner Speech

Inner speech is a type of auditory imagery that many people experience in their minds. Auditory aphantasia characterizes the absence of auditory imagery and may be linked to differences in inner speech. Find out more about aphantasia and inner speech with these resources. To participate in some of the ongoing research into aphantasia and inner speech, click here.

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I knew I was an aphant since age 7 and did not think about it.  At least until a chance comment led to a continuing research in the area.  Since I do not hav...
April 28, 2021
Do you experience an internal monologue? A conversation happening within your head? Are you reading this question “aloud”, within your mind? If y...
Discover the hidden differences that shape human behavior (aphantasia, synesthesia, inner speech) with professor Gary Lupyan, as he joins the Aphantasia Network to shed light on the fascinating world beyond what meets the eye.
May 19, 2023