Topic: Learning

Aphantasia can affect the learning process, but there is more than one way to learn something new. People with aphantasia develop alternative strategies to learn effectively. These resources provide valuable insights into learning with aphantasia.

Memory is tricky whether you have aphantasia or not. Here are some strategies you can use to learn and remember.
Does aphantasia impact the reading experience? Exploring the relationship between reading preferences and mental imagery.
I achieved something I had never done before as a visual artist with aphantasia. How I “imagined” light in a dark cave with no mind’s eye.
If you write speculative fiction, 2% of your readers might experience reading like I do—tips for reading and writing science fiction with aphantasia.
When I learned about aphantasia I began to wonder... How might the vividness of our individual imaginations impact our design process?
Artists, writers, illustrators, photographers and all people who work with their creative impulses are not limited by their aphantasia.
If your child can't visualize, they might experience aphantasia. As a parent, you might worry. The important thing to remember is your child can be successful in school. They just need to be aware.
I had apparently been doing the unimaginable: working as an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter with aphantasia. How one interpreter learned to interpret "in the dark."
How do I create if I cannot create things in my imagination? Artist shares creative workarounds for aphantasics.
Master photographer shares tips for expanding your photographic talent with aphantasia in this article on photography, creativity, and aphantasia.
July 23, 2023
I'm interested in how we process and access the meaning of words. I'd be grateful if some people would think of the meanings of "tip" and...
June 4, 2023
Hi everyone, We are recruiting participants for an online study at the university of Warwick. We are looking for people who have aphantasia, people who don’t...
December 4, 2022
Hi, I’m Ducky and I have multi-sensory aphantasia ^^ I can only imagine sounds or voices or music or songs in my mind, sometimes with control over it b...
August 10, 2022
Many universities require that applicants for admission have taken a foreign language in high school.  If they have not, then the universities commonly requi...
August 4, 2022
Based on my own experiences, I am concerned that aphantasics are inherently discriminated against by many educational systems.  Many educational institutions...
July 21, 2022
Anyone have any suggestions on how to memorize? I have been finding it more difficult to memorize texts. The inability to visualize something, such as the pe...
June 24, 2022
Hi all, I had heard of aphantasia before, but now I have a 6th form pupil who thinks he has it and I would like to support him better. He is at one of the to...
June 23, 2022
Does anyone else with Aphantasia struggle with questions that seem to necessitate visualization? Example cube mapping questions, or physics questions where y...
May 21, 2022
I have aphantasia. I don’t see memories or images and I think this why for many years I’ve tried almost every organizational and productivity system to augme...
September 21, 2021
Well, i’ll start at the beginning which is that I figured out today that the ‘mind’s eye’ which everyone talks about is not metaphori...
Julia Simner addresses a common misconception that aphantasics must be verbal thinkers in this presentation from the 2021 Extreme Imagination Conference.
October 21, 2021