Topic: Mental Health

Aphantasia is not a mental disorder, but the discovery of aphantasia can be a psychological stressor for some new discoverers. Discover more about the link between aphantasia and mental health through these resources.

A psychology practitioner begins to bridge the gap between practitioner and client in relation to aphantasia.
Aphantasia is not something I have; it is something I am.
A clinical therapist with total aphantasia, mental illness, autism, and other neurodiversities shares her perspectives and strategies.
Visualization is often used in mental wellness and therapy, but what does this mean for those with aphantasia?
What if instead of asking what the aphantasic brain can't do, we asked what is it built to do? Jim, a dad with a mind's eye, discovers four of his six children have aphantasia.
Realizing you have aphantasia is a discovery. Discoveries can be challenging. Tips for navigating therapy and aphantasia.
What if there was a "cure"? A fictional story about a man who’s aphantasia is cured in therapy with a fictional technology. That cure comes at a deep cost.
November 22, 2023
Are there cognitive therapies to fill the inner void and feel more alive and less isolated?
August 14, 2023
Hi all. Before I share my story of how I happened upon this community, I have questions relating to how I should answer the VVIQ test. In thinking about a...
March 28, 2023
Hello all, I’m Chuck and I have Aphantasia. I have an amazing memory for facts, bits of history, and all kinds of things. I multi task better than most. I do...
February 9, 2023
I am troubled at present by PTSD. I have heard about Rewind Therapy – that it is highly effective without the need to re-live nasty stuff, but that it ...
December 4, 2022
So this just popped into my mind but do you think that aphantasia can affect disorders, for example how someone experiences ADHD or Autism? I have suspected ...
May 15, 2022
One of my friends is convinced that I have ADHD (they do) or some disorder similar. I’ve never thought so, because I’ve had descriptions of ADHD ...
April 29, 2022
I am wondering this because I have had a lot of things happen (multiple things that are known triggers)  in my life that have typically messed other people u...
April 25, 2022
After coming across an article on aphantasia I am fascinated.  I am hugely creative (making connections to seemingly unrelated things) but feel like I only &...
I feel very limited by the aphantasia. I don’t see any pictures, I don’t feel any smell and I don’t hear any sounds when my eyes are closed...
January 2, 2022
Hello. I have aphantasia and my other senses are affected too, e.g I can’t imagine tastes, smells, music etc.  I have always struggled with too much li...
Recent research reveals that aphantasia, while not a mental disorder, can be a psychological stressor for some who newly discover they have it. Psychologist Merlin Monzel discussed these findings with the Aphantasia Network.
March 14, 2023
Why might traditional therapy not work for aphantasics? Tom Ebeyer, Founder of the Aphantasia Network speaks with Cristina Crowe, a Canadian Registered Psychotherapist about Aphantasia.
December 5, 2022