Topic: Objective Measures

Aphantasia can be identified through objective measures, including physiological, behavioral and neurological identifiers. Learn about these measures and how scientists identify aphantasia with these informative resources.

Why might your mind's eye be blind while your friend can picture crystal-clear images? Shocking insights into the known neurodifferences in imagery vividness.
Binocular rivalry and perceptual priming are just one of many possible objective measures for evaluating mental imagery strength and identifying aphantasia.
January 14, 2022
Since it’s well established that Aphantasia is generally hereditary, has anyone started looking into possible DNA links? I bring it up because I recent...
It strikes me that the amazing/wonderful variety of cognitive processes that we seem to experience are of enormous value.  If a group of early humans had tha...
I realize that it is hard to do, but without an OBJECTIVE test, I guess I am sunk….. I DO dream at times. I used to dream ALL the time. Sometimes it h...
Dr. Paolo Bartolomeo a neuroscientist from the Paris Brain Institute joined Aphantasia Network to discuss some of the recent aphantasia brain research.
February 13, 2024
A picture paints a thousand words, but what happens when our aphantasia brain can't visualize that picture? Jianghao Liu, a brain researcher from the Paris Brain Institute joins Aphantasia Network to dive into this probing questions.
October 25, 2023
Eyes are the window to the soul... and Aphantasia? New study finds pupils can detect mental imagery strength. Joel Pearson joins the Aphantasia Network to present on this fascinating new discovery.
June 6, 2022
How can aphantasia be measured? Joel Pearson talks about measuring aphantasia objectively and reliably in this presentation from the 2021 Extreme Imagination Conference.
October 21, 2021
Aphantasia is the inability to visualize but can impact all mental imagery senses. Joel Pearson joins Founder of Aphantasia Network, Tom Ebeyer, for a live Ask Me Anything event to answer the community's questions.
February 25, 2021