Topic: Olfactory Aphantasia

Olfactory aphantasia, a less commonly discussed variant of aphantasia, involves the inability to conjure up scents in the mind’s nose. These resources delve into the intriguing and often overlooked world of scent-free imagination. It explores how individuals with olfactory aphantasia navigate a world where the mental recreation of aromas, from the fragrance of a rose to the scent of rain, is absent. This tag serves as a hub for discussions, research, and personal stories about this unique cognitive experience. It offers insights into how olfactory aphantasia affects memory, sensory perception, and daily life, providing a deeper understanding of how the absence of imagined scents shapes one’s interaction with the world. Join the conversation and learn more about the unseen and unsmelled dimensions of human perception.

My journey understanding the cognitive profiles of aphantasia and hyperphantasia started when I learned at age 30 that most of you have a superpower I don’t.
A case for studying mental imagery as a whole
on February 19, 2021
How do you describe aphantasia? Founder of Aphantasia Network often gets asked this question. His answer? Think of a horse.
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