Topic: Visualization

Visualization is the ability to form a mental image. It involves forming a picture of an object or scene without direct visual input, using imagination and memory. Our capacity for visualization varies widely. While some can create incredibly vivid and lifelike mental images, for the majority, visualization tends to function as a weaker form of visual perception, often resulting in less detailed and more fleeting images.

How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals if you can't visualize them? Discover alternative motivational strategies without visualization.
How can one explain the experience of visualization to someone who has never experienced it? Enter the afterimage apple illusion.
Visualize (picture, imagine, whatever you want to call it) a ball on a table. Now, imagine someone walks up to the table and gives the ball a push. What happens to the ball?
Understanding the hidden assumptions that lead to biases against aphantasics’ cognitive abilities.
Many easy ways to meditate without a mind’s eye. Next time you find yourself frustrated by the inability to visualize in meditation, give some of these alternatives a try.
What do typical visualizers experience? How does my imaginative experience compare? Designer Melanie Scheer introduces a new way to visualize the visual imagination spectrum.
Artists, writers, illustrators, photographers and all people who work with their creative impulses are not limited by their aphantasia.
Why might your mind's eye be blind while your friend can picture crystal-clear images? Shocking insights into the known neurodifferences in imagery vividness.
Knowledge of our invisible differences dates back to 340 BC. Aristotle stands at the beginning of this history when imagination was not an established topic of discussion yet.
March 11, 2024
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November 25, 2022
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May 13, 2022
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October 23, 2021
Hi everyone, So, I’ve been strugling a lot these past few months about the idea of Aphantasia. I’ve done a bunch of tests and read articles about...
August 14, 2021
Hello, my name is Willow, I’m in my thirties and just yesterday I stumbled across an article about aphantasia, I have never heard of it before. Since e...
How do aphantasics relive their memories and do these differences show up in their brains? Researcher Merlin Monzel joins Aphantasia Network to share new findings on aphantasia and memory.
April 30, 2024