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Peach Leaves

Nothing like picking peach leaves in an orchard in absolute silence. A dark and deep, poetically-expressed piece on discovering aphantasia.

How to Make Art With Aphantasia

Alice doesn’t visualize; she conceptualizes. In this article, writer Dustin Grinnell explores how artist and illustrator Alice Coles makes art while having aphantasia. Alice shares tips for how to make art with aphantasia.

Losing My Mind’s Eye

A tale of expecting a 45 minute out-patient procedure and instead having a 5-hour surgery, a stroke, peripheral vision deficit and an unnamed loss of visualization. My mind’s eye was simply erased.

Mental Rotation Tasks

You may not be able to rotate objects in your mind, but can you still complete mental rotation tasks? The results of these scientific experiments with aphantasics might surprise you.

Imagine That…Some Just Can’t

How many times have you heard a sentence start with "Imagine that?" Well, some people can’t imagine. Literally. A concept the majority of people will find quite far removed from their ordinary thought process.

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