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Jennifer McDougall
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Phantastic. Exploring the power of imagination. Co-founder & Community Animator, The Aphantasia Network.
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What alternative learning strategies do you use?
Stephen AdamsStephen Adams answered 4 days ago  • 
731 views 5 RESPONSES 0 votes
How have you learned to describe Aphantasia?
Colm RoeColm Roe commented 5 days ago  • 
673 views 2 RESPONSES 0 votes
Imagine your favourite song. Can you hear it playing?
Ian LIan L answered 1 week ago  • 
277 views 5 RESPONSES 0 votes
Famous people with aphantasia?
José Eduardo PorcherJosé Eduardo Porcher commented 1 month ago  • 
385 views 4 RESPONSES 0 votes
Fiction or Non-fiction?
Lindsay PulsipherLindsay Pulsipher commented 1 month ago  • 
1594 views 17 RESPONSES 1 votes
Is your spatial intelligence stronger?
Giovanni SpinottiGiovanni Spinotti answered 2 months ago  • 
1192 views 3 RESPONSES 0 votes
How do you write without seeing images in your mind?
Michael McDonaldMichael McDonald commented 3 months ago  • 
271 views 5 RESPONSES 0 votes
Dating an aphantasic?
D leeD lee commented 3 months ago  • 
277 views 1 RESPONSES 0 votes
What does your creative process look like?
Rachel CicconeRachel C answered 3 months ago  • 
1132 views 2 RESPONSES 0 votes

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