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Cannot picture in my mind

CBC Radio publishes a multimedia docuseries on aphantasia

The Doc Project series on Aphantasia

I cannot picture in my mind.” – Tom Ebeyer, Founder of the Aphantasia Network.

Over the course of a few months in 2019, CBC Radio published The Doc Project on aphantasia, which centred around Tom Ebeyer‘s personal discovery journey which began five years before aphantasia had been given a name. On September 14th they published the article Can you picture things in your head? Well, this guy can’t, followed by the Think of a Horse audio documentary on September 17th, and concluded with the Because of aphantasia, I’m not able to picture things in my mind video documentary on December 12th. This piece documents the beginnings of aphantasia with Professor Adam Zeman and the foundations for a global network.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Paul Aflalo for leading this project.

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