WIRED UK drops an eye-opening Aphantasia mini-doc

WIRED UK describes Aphantasia through “Blind Minds’ Eyes”

On April 14th, 2021, WIRED UK published a powerfully-illustrated mini-documentary on aphantasia, through the personal story of recently-discovered aphantasic, Alex Wheeler, and well-known aphantasic artist and YouTuber, AmyRightMeow. Alex shares how his relationship with his memories and emotions have been the source of outside judgements and internal distress, most notably following the death of his mother. He connects with Professor Adam Zeman in his quest for clarity, and viewers are brought alongside on his journey to understand, accept, and embrace aphantasia.

A ‘phantastic’ Aphantasia documentary!

This mini-doc immerses viewers in the emotion and shock that many aphantasics experience after discovering they have aphantasia, and as the story develops, so too does the excitement and intrigue. Professor Zeman discusses recent scientific progress, shares some potential advantages of aphantasia, debunks some common misconceptions around creativity, and explains why he sees extreme imagination as an intriguing variation of the human experience, not a disability. Viewers will be hard-pressed not to finish the film overcome with awe, inspiration, and feeling empowered!

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