Visual Imagination Spectrum Report

Unravel the mysteries behind the mind's eye: Aphantasia, Hyperphantasia and everything in between. Discover the Visual Imagination Spectrum.

How vivid is your mind's eye?

Ever pondered why some can see a juicy, shiny apple so vividly it’s almost real, while others draw a blank or just a faint outline? Or why the same memory can be crystal clear to some and vague to others? The power of our mind’s eye varies significantly from person to person. We don’t all see, imagine, or remember in the same hue, clarity, or intensity.
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About The Report

This interactive report offers an enlightening journey across the Visual Imagination Spectrum, unravelling some of the mysteries behind the mind’s eye. It is based on the self-reported VVIQ data collected from over 704,880 people from around the world. Take the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire to compare your results to our extensive dataset.