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You're probably aphantasic

If you weren’t able to visualize any scenarios in the VVIQ this could mean you have aphantasia. Current population estimates show ~3-5% of people worldwide may have a blind imagination, or the inability to voluntarily visualize mental imagery.

Keep in mind your VVIQ result is just one possible indicator and is not meant to serve as a conclusive assessment of whether you have aphantasia or not. Important to know this quiz only measures the vividness of your visual imagination and does not consider other sensory domains.

If you imagine your favourite dish can you almost smell or taste the food in your mind? Imaginative experiences vary greatly from person to person — there exists a wide spectrum from no mental imagery to hyper-vivid imagery. Both extremes have their pros and cons. Mental imagery can be a useful cognitive tool and an intrusive one.

What new research and ground-breaking discoveries into extreme imagination reveals is, We all imagine differently and these invisible differences impact how we think, create, and dream.

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Visual Imagination

Discover new insight into the wide variability in our imaginative experiences. See where you fall on the spectrum of visual imagination.

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New discoveries into aphantasia and hyperphantasia are revealing how our imagination’s shape the world we perceive and make us who we are.  We’re still in the early days of our exploration, and new breakthroughs in our understanding wouldn’t be possible without your support! For a one-time contribution of $10, or that of your choosing, gain access to our Live VVIQ Report. Help our small, yet dedicated team keep the lights on and grow our impact through data-driven insight into the extremes of human imagination.

There’s lots to learn about aphantasia.

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Aphantasia is not a disorder,
and Aphantasics can be
richly imaginative​

Extreme Imagination

Aphantasia is a way of experiencing
the world differently, which results
in an alternative way of thinking


History of extreme imagination
started way before the term
“aphantasia” came to be


Aphantasia Index

Evolving database on extreme
imagination. Explore aphantasia
research, media & more

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