Aphantasia 视频

观看视频,探索失象症、过度失象症和想象力谱系。 通过对顶尖思想家的访谈,深入了解极端图像的世界–无需用心观察。

Neuroscientist Mac Shine delves into the fascinating world of aphantasia—a condition he personally experiences—to challenge conventional views on perception, explore the neuroscience of imagination, and draw unexpected parallels between the cognitive functions of aphantasics and large language models like ChatGPT-4.
8月 30, 2023
Researcher Christian Scholz answers the community’s questions about 'Meta-Imagination and The Language Game of Visualising' in this live Q&A. Hosted by Tom Ebeyer.
6月 28, 2023
Discover how individuals with aphantasia engage in imaginative processes using language and how this experience differs from visualizers.
6月 28, 2023
Discover the hidden differences that shape human behavior (aphantasia, synesthesia, inner speech) with professor Gary Lupyan, as he joins the Aphantasia Network to shed light on the fascinating world beyond what meets the eye.
5月 19, 2023
Researcher Alexander Sulfaro answers the community’s questions about 'Why Don't We Hallucinate Our Mental Images' in this live Q&A. Hosted by Tom Ebeyer.
4月 20, 2023
Have you ever wondered why mental images aren't as vivid as real images? What's the difference between imagining something and hallucinating it? Alexander Sulfaro joins Aphantasia Network to discuss this and more.
4月 20, 2023
Recent research reveals that aphantasia, while not a mental disorder, can be a psychological stressor for some who newly discover they have it. Psychologist Merlin Monzel discussed these findings with the Aphantasia Network.
3月 14, 2023
Aphantasia appears to overlap with this memory condition. Brian Levine joins the Founder of Aphantasia Network, Tom Ebeyer for a live Ask Me Anything event to answer questions on Aphantasia and SDAM.
12月 14, 2022