How to visualize things


Hello, my name is Willow, I’m in my thirties and just yesterday I stumbled across an article about aphantasia, I have never heard of it before. Since everything written in the article sounded quite familiar, I decided to take the test on this site here.

But I just don’t get it, wether it’s asking to imagine people or sceneries, I know what everything looks like, but I don’t know what to expect or better said, what the “normal” way to visualize those things is.

Like I said, I know what the people look like, I can perfectly fine describe the supermarket I’m always buying groceries from in detail but there’s absolutely no image popping up.

Now I’m wondering, how is it supposed to be? Are people really able to close their eyes and see people as if their looking at a photo? Like really “seeing” the face and everything?
Or is it like me, just knowing what they look like as if they are looking at a photo?

This is really confusing me, I just can’t imagine there are people who can see with their eyes closed…

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