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Where is Aphantasia research happening?
Carla DanceCarla Dance answered 7 months ago • 
507 views1 answers0 votes
How did you first discover you were Aphantasic?
C CChristopher Cousins answered 3 hours ago • 
2384 views10 answers1 votes
Is there a ‘cure’ for aphantasia?
Stephen AdamsStephen Adams asked 4 months ago • 
762 views0 answers1 votes
How do you perform on mental rotation tasks?
Rachel CicconeRachel C answered 2 weeks ago • 
50 views1 answers0 votes
How do I know if I have Aphantasia?
Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer asked 10 months ago • 
1905 views0 answers1 votes
Visual or all senses?
Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer asked 10 months ago • 
397 views0 answers1 votes
Some thoughts on Aphantasia
Tom EbeyerTom Ebeyer answered 7 months ago • 
491 views1 answers0 votes
Aphantasia Research at The University of Sussex
Carla DanceCarla Dance asked 7 months ago • 
587 views0 answers2 votes

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I'm very excited to bring you this doc about #Aphantasia. Do you have a mind's eye? There are some who don't, including @tomebeyer. Hear ... about the his discovery, and the research from @ZemanLab.

@cbcradio @cbc #aphantasiaconf #mindseye #imagination

Project 3 years in the making is live! Founder of The Aphantasia Network @tomebeyer shares his story of discovery with #Aphantasia & how... he sees his “differentness” as a source of strength 💪

Guest appearance @ZemanLab

#visualization #imagination

How is it possible to be an original artist if you can’t envision what you’re trying to create?

New #artist Zoe Aguirre ... @freekineinstein shares creation story as aphantasic artist & techniques for creating original work

#aphantasia #creativity #art

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