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Is there a cure for aphantasia?
Christine JarvisChristine Jarvis answered 13 hours ago • 
3608 views5 RESPONSES1 votes
How did you first discover you were Aphantasic?
Rita di GhentRita di Ghent answered 21 hours ago • 
7414 views51 RESPONSES1 votes
Famous people with aphantasia?
Seungho ChoiSeungho Choi answered 2 months ago • 
900 views2 RESPONSES0 votes
Aphantasia in pop culture?
Jennifer McDougallJennifer McDougall answered 1 day ago • 
180 views1 RESPONSES0 votes
Dreams and Aphantasia
Richard StantonRichard Stanton answered 1 day ago • 
2329 views16 RESPONSES0 votes
Aphantasia linked to lack of motivation?
saadia hasansaadia hasan answered 1 day ago • 
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Emotional memory and aphantasia
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas asked 3 days ago • 
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Schizophrenia and Aphantasia?
Cassie WyattCassie Wyatt asked 2 weeks ago • 
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Benefits to being aphantasic?
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas answered 3 days ago • 
671 views2 RESPONSES0 votes
Sexual Attraction and Aphantasia
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas answered 3 days ago • 
1564 views7 RESPONSES0 votes
Visual or all senses?
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas answered 3 days ago • 
1752 views14 RESPONSES1 votes
How do you perform on mental rotation tasks?
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas answered 3 days ago • 
688 views5 RESPONSES0 votes
Do you have inner speech?
Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas answered 3 days ago • 
1271 views11 RESPONSES0 votes
Aphantasia and Navigation (dependence on GPS units and maps)
Colm RoeColm Roe answered 6 days ago • 
90 views4 RESPONSES0 votes

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