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People-powered research

To date, 330,763 citizen scientists from around the world have contributed to our growing VVIQ database, and 50,151 have opted-in to participate in ongoing research within this burgeoning field of imagination science.

On average when we send out a call to action to participate in research, we get 7,000-13,000 unique opens and about 1,500-2,500 participants.

Tell us about your research needs

Are you looking to recruit an engaged group of individuals with aphantasia and hyperphantasia for your next research study? Are you looking for ways to make your findings more accessible to the public? Do you need support with research development? We can help!

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Please be advised we require a minimum research budget of $500 for a campaign to help cover our expenses. If you do not currently have a budget, we are happy to provide a written statement for your grant application. Research members can recruit once per month as part of their membership.
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