People-Powered Research

To date, 207,052 citizen scientists from around the world have contributed to our growing VVIQ database, and 38,138 are engaged in ongoing research within this burgeoning field of imagination science.

Research Collaborations

We, at the Network, are exploring new frontiers in imagination science—spanning psychology, cognitive science, mental imagery, and neuroscience—to advance our understanding of our invisible differences.

Are you looking to recruit an engaged group of individuals with aphantasia and hyperphantasia for your next research study? Are you seeking out ways to make your findings more accessible to the public? Do you need support with research development and creating an engaging experimental design?

We’re currently exploring new research collaborations and are prepared to work within your research budget and/or provide support in seeking external funding to collaborate on new research.

What we can offer

Engage the “citizens” in citizen science.

Our community of engaged citizen scientists are eager to participate in new research opportunities. We offer a range of participant recruitment support. This may include:

  • Sharing your study on Social Media
  • A Feature in our General Newsletter 
  • An Exclusive Recruitment campaign shared with our 38,138  participant pool
  • A bundle that includes all the above!

Place human experience at the center of your experimental design.

We combine best practices in psychology research with human-centered design to increase participant engagement, ensure data are carefully obtained, and maintain a quality of experience (accessible across multiple devices) for our citizen scientists. 

Our Research and Design teams are available to support the design and development of your next experiment. Reach out to us for a free initial consultation about your specific research needs and to obtain a quote for design, web development, and experiment hosting services.

Make your data make an impact.

We believe that data should tell a story and be easily interpretable to the community we serve. We provide sense-making as a service through interactive report building. We work with you to design and develop an interactive report and data summary to reflect your research findings. See the VVIQ interactive report example here. Additional fees may apply.

Our requirements

We are committed to providing participants with tangible value in exchange for their time and data, whether this is accomplished through personalized insights, data reports and/or fair compensation. We believe citizen scientists should receive some immediate benefit as a result of their participation in a research study. 

This requirement helps ensure we are adequately meeting the needs of our community and further incentivizes their continued engagement in new research. We will work with you to communicate findings with our community that are gained through our collaborative partnerships. 

Monetary compensation for participation is optional and not covered by the network. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these details with you, described further in our Collaboration Agreement. Please contact us for a copy of this agreement.

Maintain the availability, usability, integrity, and security of your data.

All data that are collected through our experimental platform follow our strict data collection protocols. Our utmost priority is the continued trust of our collaborators and citizen scientists, and we ensure our data security and privacy practices are upheld. 

Our data are verified for completeness and integrity. We ensure data quality control for all information that we collect through our ongoing studies, and we actively work with our collaborators to maintain data integrity. We can provide additional support for data cleaning, statistical analysis, and reporting where needed. 

Please visit our Privacy Policy for a full overview of our commitment to data use and privacy practices. Reach out with any questions or concerns you have about our data management and governance process. 

The Aphantasia Network adheres to common ethical practices that are implemented at Canadian research institutions. We require all collaborators based at research institutions to apply for and obtain ethics clearance with their home institution’s research ethics board prior to beginning any new data collection efforts. 

Interested in Discussing a Research Collaboration?

We’re currently open to new research collaborations! We invite you to reach out to discuss your research interests and ideas, from developing new trainee projects to supporting established research programs. Let’s connect to discuss your next study and together, let’s explore new frontiers in imagination science!

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