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People-powered research

To date, 376,824 citizen scientists from around the world have contributed to our growing VVIQ database, and 54,475 have opted-in to participate in ongoing research within this burgeoning field of imagination science. On average when we send out a call to action to participate in research, we get 3,000 unique opens and over 1,000 participants.

Tell us about your research needs

Are you looking to recruit an engaged group of individuals with aphantasia for your next research study? Are you looking for ways to make your findings more accessible to the public? Do you need support with research development? We can help!

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What type of research support are you looking for?*
Please be advised we require a minimum research budget of $500 for a campaign to help cover our expenses. If you do not currently have a budget, we are happy to provide a written statement for your grant application. Alternatively, consider joining the Network as a member for $70/yr. Research members can also recruit participants directly using the "new-studies" channel in our private Discord community.
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FAQs about Research Collaboration

Why Collaborate with us?

Aphantasia Network is the place to learn and discover aphantasia. Our community of citizen scientists are eager to participate and have vested interest in what your research uncovers. Making your research visible and accessible to the community increases the likelihood that it will be cited, gaining greater impact and recognition for your aphantasia research contributions.

Why isn’t Research Recruitment free?

We charge a minimum flat fee of $500 USD/campaign for research recruitment. This is so that we can cover our expenses and continue to support new research in this exciting field. 

WhAT does the $500 USD INCLUDE?

The $500 USD recruitment campaign includes one email with information and a link to participate in your study to our research pool. Typically, we get over 3,000 open rates (people that open the email). The conversation rate on how many people complete the study will vary, but typically we hear back from our research partners that anywhere from 500-1000 people will participate. 

What are the requirements?

To recruit through the Aphantasia Network research pool we require proof of ethical clearance from your institution prior to launching the email campaign. 

Can you help me reach my recruitment goals?

We can send multiple email campaigns to help meet your recruitment goals. For example, we can schedule the same campaign multiple times and target anyone who didn’t open the initial email. We also offer additional services such as social media campaigns, study hosting on our site, and private recruitment/networking on our Discord channel. All for additional fees

Research members can recruit directly using the new-studies channel on Discord, share updates and interact with potential participants. If you were looking to interview a small group of participants for your upcoming study, then a membership with us is the way to go!

I am a researcher, can I become a member of Aphantasia Network?

Yes! We’d love to welcome you to our community and learn more about what you hope to discover through your research. With membership to Aphantasia Network, you gain access to our private Discord community and new-studies channel where you can recruit participants directly and share updates with the community on the progress of your research. 

Is there a discount on membership for students?

Yes! Undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students can receive a discount on a premium membership. Please send a copy of your active student id to [email protected] for 50% off your first year.

I completed my study, can I get my findings published on

Yes! We’d love to feature an article about your research and findings. Submit an article concept here, and we’ll be in touch with your next steps. 

I completed my study, can I present my findings to members?

Yes! We’d love to host you for a presentation and Q&A on your research and findings. In fact, our members love getting first-access to new discoveries. Get in touch with our co-founder, Jennie at [email protected] to schedule a presentation.