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Impacts of new discoveries into imagery extremes, aphantasia and hyperphantasia, are far-reaching. 

By becoming a citizen scientist and participating in extreme imagery research, you are improving our understanding of our invisible differences and their impacts on the life, work and well-being of current and future generations. 

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FAQs about Participating in New Aphantasia Research

Why is your participation important?

By becoming a citizen scientist and participating in extreme imagery research, you are improving our understanding of these invisible differences and their impacts on the lives, work and well-being of current and future generations. 

Who can participate in new research?

Anyone can participate in aphantasia research.  New research opportunities may focus on anyone at any age or circumstance. Please note that some studies may require you to meet certain eligibility criteria. Please review the study details in the email announcement before choosing to participate. 

What is the potential benefits to you?

While there is no guarantee that you will benefit directly from participating in new research, there are numerous potential benefits, including new self discoveries, interaction with researchers who are at the leading edge of extreme imagery research, and access to additional information that may not be available to the public yet. In addition, you may feel satisfaction from participating in studies that may contribute to new knowledge and that have the potential of helping others with aphantasia or hyperphantasia. Research studies are 100% voluntary, with no cost to the participant. Some even offer possible rewards or compensation for your time.

Do research opportunities provide real-time results?

Unfortunately no. Most research studies do not provide any real-time results. Some studies may, however, provide a debrief with more information about the study upon completion. It can take several months to analyze the data collected from these studies before the results from the study are published. If you are interested in real-time results that are personalized to your unique inner experience, check out our new Imagination Spectrum discovery platform.

Types of research opportunities?

Research studies may test mental imagery ability, new cognitive or behavioural tasks, or new methods. Some research studies look for better ways to identify imagery extremes. Others may look at the influence of imagery ability in our lives, work and well-being.

I am a Researcher, How do I COLLABORATE ON NEW research?

We’re collaborating with researchers across the globe to advance our shared understanding of extreme imagination. Learn more about our research collaboration opportunities here.

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