AnthonyPadilla premieres video about Aphantasia

YouTube sensation, Anthony Padilla, learns about living with aphantasia.

Anthony Padilla learns about Aphantasia

Anthony Padilla is a prominent YouTuber who documents his time spent with people from unique walks of life, for the purpose of better understanding their personal experience. In his day spent with aphantasics, that premiered on his YouTube channel on May 14th, 2021, he met with artist Katherine Yaochen Du, YouTuber AmyRightMeow, and Aphantasia Network Founder Tom Ebeyer. They share their discovery stories, how they think it influences their lives, what inspires them, and how their lives have changed since they learned about aphantasia. And in a fun twist of the topic, Anthony reveals how rather than having a prominent mind’s eye, his mind’s fingertip, or tactile imagery, plays a much greater role in his creative expressions.

Special thanks from the Aphantasia Network!

We want to thank Anthony for taking the time to learn about aphantasia and helping raise awareness of this unique extreme on the imagination spectrum! And thank you to all the wonderful guests, we appreciate you providing a glimpse of your inner worlds. If you like the work they are doing and would like to support them, you can follow their pages linked below!

Anthony Padilla

Tom Ebeyer


Katherine Yaochen Du

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