“Literally, can you picture it?” All about Aphantasia

Why might traditional therapy not work for aphantasics? Tom Ebeyer, Founder of the Aphantasia Network speaks with Cristina Crowe, a Canadian Registered Psychotherapist about Aphantasia.
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Christina Crowe Podcast: Making the Invisible, Visible

In episode 33 of the Christina Crowe Podcast: Making the invisible VISIBLE, Christina (host) talks to Tom Ebeyer, Founder of the Aphantasia Network. The pair discuss:

  • What the heck is ‘Aphantasia,’ and how do I know if I have it?
  • How does aphantasia affect the way we make sense of our experiences in life?
  • Aphantasia, grief and PTSD: Why traditional therapy might not work for aphantasics?
  • How can I tell my therapist or doctor what they need to do differently to work with my brain?

Listen to the episode: https://anchor.fm/christinacrowe/epis…

About the Host

Christina Crowe is a Canadian Registered Psychotherapist and RELENTLESS mental health advocate. Christina believes great mental health information should be available to everyone and loves creating content that makes invisible things VISIBLE.

This show features Christina’s favourite experts on mental health topics like anxiety, ADHD, relationships, self-advocacy, health system navigation and, of course the occasional rant.

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