Liana M Scott

Liana is a semi-retired freelance writer. She recently discovered she has aphantasia. Despite her lifelong inability to visualize – or perhaps because of it – Liana has learned to adapt, bending her capabilities in imaginative ways to service her creativity. As a storyteller with aphantasia, Liana imagines our wondrous world through the lenses of perception, memory, and feeling, seeking to write passionate, sometimes humorous, tales full of possibilities.
When I learned that I had aphantasia and that my husband of 40 years has hyperphantasia, it gave the idea “opposites attract” a whole new meaning.
I have aphantasia. Do my siblings have it? What about my parents? Is aphantasia hereditary?
On rare occasions in the morning, between sleep and awake, when the images from my dreams float behind my eyes, that’s when I revel in what it must be like to “see” imagery.
Do I have aphantasia? Answering that seemingly simple question can be very confusing. Understanding aphantasia is a journey of self-discovery.
Can aphantasics be hypnotized? My experience learning to be hypnotized with imagery-free inductions.
Finding out I was aphantasic was a blessing for me. It gave me a kind of – subliminal permission – to free myself of the burden of visualization and explore other ways to meditate.
June 14, 2021
They say that aphantasics can’t achieve a state of hypnosis because we can’t visualize. Invariably, the hypnotherapist begins with an instruction...
May 20, 2021
Hello all, I have had so many false starts with guided meditation because they invariably start with “close your eyes and visualize”. As an aphan...