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Steven Levithan

Multisensory aphantasic, techie, nomad, neophile. More at Life After Tech.

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My girlfriend has hyperphantasia for all mental senses. It blew my mind when I learned some time ago she can accurately taste in her mind what a dish will taste like prior to adding a new ingredient (very useful for cooking). But her mental tastebuds just blew my mind again.

Get this: When reading a restaurant menu, she tastes each item before deciding what to order! 🤯

Now I understand why it takes her longer to decide, and why she likes to read all the details about the ingredients when they’re listed.

I’m curious to know other surprising facts you’ve learned or realizations you’ve had after learning about aphantasia. What was non-obvious that people around you were doing in their heads? How did your perspective change more generally?