Aphantasia Articles

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Memory is tricky whether you have aphantasia or not. Here are some strategies you can use to learn and remember.
A psychology practitioner begins to bridge the gap between practitioner and client in relation to aphantasia.
Aphantasia is not something I have; it is something I am.
From guided imagery to imagined athletic practices, are aphantasics disadvantaged because they lack a mind’s eye?
A clinical therapist with total aphantasia, mental illness, autism, and other neurodiversities shares her perspectives and strategies.
I have aphantasia. Do my siblings have it? What about my parents? Is aphantasia hereditary?
When your life has been filled with trauma, you have to wonder: could aphantasia and SDAM be the source of the trauma, or could they be the means of healing?
Visualization is often used in mental wellness and therapy, but what does this mean for those with aphantasia?