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Joining Aphantasia Network has changed my life! I really thought aphantasia was holding me back, but now I understand that image-free thinking is my superpower.

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If you’ve just discovered aphantasia and feel lost in understanding it, we made this Aphantasia Guide just for you.

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How do you describe aphantasia? Founder of Aphantasia Network often gets asked this question. His answer? Think of a horse.
Knowledge of our invisible differences dates back to 340 BC. Aristotle stands at the beginning of this history when imagination was not an established topic of discussion yet.
Why might your mind's eye be blind while your friend can picture crystal-clear images? Shocking insights into the known neurodifferences in imagery vividness.
Aphantasia isn’t limited to just visual imagination; it can impact all sensory imagery in the mind. For example, when most people go to a restaurant and see ...
December 8, 2020
When Tom and I first tell people about his experience of aphantasia we often get asked this question: Do you dream? Tom doesn’t dream visually, he drea...
February 11, 2021
I recently wrote an article on new research that uses electrical stimulation to see what’s different in the brains of people who see vivid imagery vers...
June 13, 2021
My girlfriend has hyperphantasia for all mental senses. It blew my mind when I learned some time ago she can accurately taste in her mind what a dish will ta...
CBC Radio publishes a multimedia docuseries on the discovery of aphantasia and Tom Ebeyer's story building the foundations for a global Aphantasia Network.
December 12, 2019
Dr. Adam Zeman joins Tom Ebeyer for a live Ask Me Anything event to answer the community's questions on aphantasia and hyperphantasia.
February 21, 2021
Adam Zeman shares the rediscovery of aphantasia, a blind mind's eye, in this presentation from the 2021 Extreme Imagination Conference and Exhibition.
October 21, 2021
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What is the true spectrum of mental imagery? Join us live on March 20th at 3 pm Eastern Time for a captivating exploration into the depths of mental imagery with Tom Ebeyer of the Aphantasia Network and neuroscientist Sam Schwarzkopf from the University of Auckland.
February 28, 2024
Dr. Paolo Bartolomeo a neuroscientist from the Paris Brain Institute joined Aphantasia Network to discuss some of the recent aphantasia brain research.
February 13, 2024
A picture paints a thousand words, but what happens when our aphantasia brain can't visualize that picture? Jianghao Liu, a brain researcher from the Paris Brain Institute joins Aphantasia Network to dive into this probing questions.
October 25, 2023

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Whether you’re an aphant or a visualizer, marriage, or any loving partnership, is about commitment. Among other things, commitment means respecting each other’s differences and working through them lovingly.
The concept of 'tokens' and 'types' helped me understand how we think differently: visualizers use specific imagery, while aphantasics excel in abstract thinking.
We’re not — aphants don’t see the world the way most people do. Our brains work differently.
How do you support someone when they suddenly realize they've been blind their whole life? What about when it's a blindness most of the world has never heard of and many don't believe exists? It's called aphantasia. Let's talk.
How do you stay motivated to achieve your goals if you can't visualize them? Discover alternative motivational strategies without visualization.
Many people dread the “what’s the most interesting thing about you” icebreaker question—but not me. I always have the perfect answer, "I have Aphantasia."

Latest Discovery

Hippocampal-occipital connectivity reflects autobiographical memory deficits in aphantasia
Merlin MonzelPitshaporn LeelaarpornTeresa LutzJohannes SchultzSascha BrunheimMartin ReuterCornelia McCormick2024Hippocampal-occipital connectivity reflects autobiographical memory deficits in aphantasiaeLife13:RP94916
The study explores how aphantasia affects autobiographical memory (AM), which is our ability to recall past personal experiences. The hippocampus, a part of the brain crucial for storing and retrieving these memories, was of particular interest to researchers. In the study, 14 people with congenital aphantasia and 16 without the condition underwent brain scans while being asked to recall personal memories. It was observed that those with aphantasia faced more difficulties in recalling memories, were less confident about the details, and remembered fewer emotional and internal aspects of their experiences compared to the control group. On a neural level, the aphantasia group showed less activity in the hippocampus but more in the visual-perceptual cortex during memory recall. Interestingly, in people without aphantasia, there was a strong connection between the hippocampus and the visual cortex, which was linked to better visualization skills. This research suggests that the vividness and richness of our memories are significantly supported by the brain's ability to generate visual imagery, facilitated by the interaction between the hippocampus and visual-perceptual areas. For people with aphantasia, altered brain connectivity might explain why their memories feel less vivid or detailed. This study sheds light on the profound impact that the absence of mental imagery can have on how we remember our lives, emphasizing the intricate link between seeing with our mind's eye and the depth of our personal recollections.

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March 2, 2024
I am brand new to learning I have this. I was stunned. But it may explain something and I wondered about others. I have vivid, colorful, active dreams occ...
February 14, 2024
I wonder if my mind just prefers to process the raw data from my memory without bothering to reconstruct the pictures. Clearly the memory is there or I woul...
A few people cannot conjure up any sound, texture, taste, smell, emotion, or any imagery from their past using their mind's eye. Mind's eye blindne...
February 4, 2024
To me, being a Aphantasian, I dislike being diagnozed with Aphantasia. To me it is just a trait, a charateistic I have. Just like so many other traits we as ...
January 29, 2024
I called NHS 111 to ask what the best way to receive a formal Aphantasia diagnosis (it's currently impossible to get a GP appointment) and they said the...
January 23, 2024
Thank you for the Aphantasia Network! I've maybe been a member for over a year. In that time, not only have I loved the humour, but I have learnt about ...
January 21, 2024
I was privileged growing up, and numerous times, family vacations were Disney-centric. We went to Disneyland and Disneyworld (the former more often than the ...
January 17, 2024
Hi! On the latest news letter, i just want to post a really interesting video, that gave me a similar feeling! I have started to think that my way of "v...
January 9, 2024
Podcasts and audio dramas, hit or miss? I've never been able to really get into audio-based stories because they rely on description. However I recently...
January 1, 2024
Hi, we have just discovered that my 13 year old daughter maybe both Aphantasic & Anauralic (hopefully those are the correct terms). We completed the VVIQ...
December 20, 2023
When I first read an article on aphantasia, I had a real sense of relief. I finally understood a lot of things at once, including why I wasn't visualizi...
November 29, 2023
I tried multiple times to visualize any color apple after a 30 second stare but it didn't work and I just saw a blank, white wall afterwards. I'm w...
November 22, 2023
Are there cognitive therapies to fill the inner void and feel more alive and less isolated?
Can Aphantasia be progressive with age or is it rather unlearning / forgetting work arounds not used anymore (e.g. in concern of tunes and not playing an ins...
November 19, 2023
Do you ever identify someone else with Aphantasia by watching them or talking with them? Most people I know about self-identify.
September 25, 2023
My research has recently taken a very interesting turn. And I have ended up in theology. I am currently advocating for those with poor memory (Aphantasia, S...