Announcing the Aphantasia Specialist Certification Program

Do you struggle with the psychological impact of discovering your aphantasia? Or are you a professional seeking to provide specialized support to individuals with aphantasia? Aphantasia Network is launching a groundbreaking initiative to bridge this gap.

Research shows that up to 35% of individuals with aphantasia experience significant psychological stress upon discovering their condition. With an estimated 2-5% of the global population having aphantasia, the need for tailored support is clear.

For Individuals Seeking Support:

If you’ve recently discovered your aphantasia and are seeking guidance, support, or therapy, our Aphantasia Specialist Certification Program aims to connect you with trained professionals in your area. We’ll provide a directory of certified specialists who have completed our comprehensive course, ensuring you receive the understanding and assistance you need.

For Professionals:

Are you a therapist, counselor, or educator interested in specializing in supporting individuals with aphantasia? Our certification course will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to provide effective guidance and assistance to those navigating life with aphantasia. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive the “Aphantasia Specialist” designation and be listed in our directory, connecting you with individuals seeking support in your local area.

Join us in empowering individuals with aphantasia and providing the support they need to thrive.

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Together, we can build a supportive community for those with aphantasia and ensure they have access to the specialized assistance they deserve.