Being blind with aphantasia

I recently discovered that I have aphantasia, but I do see images in dreams. My biggest fear has always been going blind because it would mean living in darkness, everything black. However, now I know that A "Normal" person could visualize their memories and visualize images through the senses. So I can understand that thinking […]

How do I… there are so many questions

I am reposting a response in another thread: I am 75 and just recently realized/learned that I have aphantasia. Now I am wondering about my years of taking acid – makes me wonder about what I saw. Since it was about 40-50 years ago, there are not much in the way of memories – but […]

Aphantasia and meditation?

Apologies if this was already discussed and I didn’t see it (ctrl + f didn’t find any hits and I didn’t see a search bar). I have always felt meditation was something impossible for me to learn or take up as a practice despite it being suggested time and time again for years regarding stress […]

Total Aphantasia

I am in my late 60's, and I just last week realized that Aphantasia / mind blindness was a "thing" (condition) that actually exists, and that I apparently have had it my entire life. While this news explains MANY things over my years that haven't quite added up, it also has pulled the proverbial rug […]

Any artists like painters around? Anyone who loves to draw?

Just joined today. I've loved to draw since I was very young. My parents always made sure I had paper and drawing materials even though this was kind of a foreign thing for them and no one else on either side of my family was "artistic". Fast forward after some years of working in a […]

Mind Processing Area for no images

OK – first day member: I discovered Aphantasia maybe 5 years ago. My wife would talk about how she pictured this or that. I thought nothing about it for years but then began to really question her about her pictures and movies ….. it took a while but then I decided to Google the situation […]

Do i really have (visual) aphantasia?

Hello dearest community, kind of a weird question to ask I guess. But I really can't seem to figure it out. There are the tests and I talk to other people and from what I get there is a difference for me. BUT: I have no clue if I just have a very weird understanding […]

Photographs Help

I remember what people look by a photograph I've seen of a person. I shut my eyes and can conjure up a photograph image of a relative or a friend but I can't hold an image in my mind of that person apart from the photograph. Any one else or is it just me??

Latin Poetry – in pictures

Almost simultaneously realising that I am an aphant (three days ago, at the age of 71) and that this "difference" has had a fundamental and positive impact on my whole career as a teacher of Latin, should, I hope, enable me to regard it as a superpower rather than a deficiency…. The Roman poet Horace […]