Semantic Processing

I'm interested in how we process and access the meaning of words. I'd be grateful if some people would think of the meanings of "tip" and then try to explain what went on in their minds as they thought of each meaning. In my case, there was what I can only describe as an impression, […]

Research participants needed

I am a master's in psychology student at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, UK. Please consider participating in my dissertation survey whose aim is to examine the link between mental imagery (aphants and non aphants), emotional sensitivity and stress/PTSD. To participate in this survey, you must be 18 years old or above If you are happy […]

Highly sensitive Person with Aphantasia

I have aphantasia. I am also a highly sensitive person with traits validated by Elaine Aron's research. One of these traits is sensory processing sensitivity. I am sensitive to pain, sound, smell, lights, touch, temperature, etc. As a young woman, I excelled in mathematics, enjoying the experience as a way of distancing myself from a […]

What is normal imagination??

I recently discovered I might have aphantasia. I had known about the condition for years before but disregarded the possibility that I might have it, because I used to spend a lot of time in my imagination which I considered to be at least partly visual. That was bafore a long conversation comparing the experience […]

Reading fast??

I have a way above average reading speed at around 700 wpm. This is not recommended for comprehension of the book but I can read that fast normally and understand the book just fine. Not many people I know get even close to that and only the other people with aphantasia I know get close […]

Participant recruitment for Aphantasia study

Hi everyone, We are recruiting participants for an online study at the university of Warwick. We are looking for people who have aphantasia, people who don’t, and those who don’t know. The study will need to be done on a computer using chrome (not safari), participants must be aged 18 years or older. If you […]

just finding out about aphantasia

A few days ago i came to realise that i’m pretty sure i have aphantasia and since i’ve done much research. i’ve always thought that my mind was ‘normal’ but i saw a post saying how when people read they can see it like movie scenes in their head and many were agreeing but i […]

Dominant Cognitive Strategy in Aphantasia: Participants Needed

Hello! I am currently recruiting volunteers for a research study examining how cognition is impacted by a lack of visual imagery (i.e., seeing with the mind’s eye). Eligibility criteria includes English as first language, and no history of neurological damage or illness, such as a stroke. Please follow this link to start:

Meditation and Visualization Programs

Question: Can Meditation or Visualization Programs be of any assistance in gaining full multisensory phantasia? I have had multisensory aphantasia for as long as I can remember, I am now 63 years old. My hope is that there is a breakthrough modality that can penetrate our subconscious/pineal gland to make full phantasia a reality for […]

When people say people with aphantasia have no imagination…

It’s annoying. I can imagine things. I just do it differently than people who can visualize. I can buy a lottery ticket and spend hours planning what I would do with the money if I won. I can think about what life would be like if computers had never been invented. I can create a […]