Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire

Discover the vividness of your mind’s eye. Over 418,031 tests taken.

FAQs about the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ)

What is the VVIQ assessment?

The Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) explores the vividness of your visual imagination and invites you to consider the image formed in thinking about specific scenes and situations. It is proven to be an accurate test of the vividness with which you can imagine people, objects, or settings in your mind’s eye.

How long is the visual imagery test?

The visual imagery test consists of 16 items in 4 groups of four items. The vividness of each item is rated on a 5-point scale. Please allow for 5-10 minutes to complete the assessment.

Is this visual imagery test accurate?

VVIQ has been widely used as a measure of individual differences in the vividness of visual imagery. It has been referenced in over 1200 studies of mental imagery and has been given considerable attention in the domains of psychology, philosophy, and more recently, cognitive neuroscience. The large body of evidence confirms that this visual imagery test is a valid and reliable self-reported measure.

How do I know if I am actually visualizing?

It can be challenging to determine the precise details of the mental images in our mind’s eye and even tell sometimes whether we have formed a mental picture at all. The questionnaire asks you to compare the picture in your mind with how you know it looks in real life. Is the scenario you’re visualizing equally vivid to its real-world counterpart, a little less vivid, not vivid at all, or completely non-existent?

What will I discover from taking this visual imagination test?

By taking the VVIQ you will discover where you *most likely* fall on the visual imagination spectrum:

  • Visual Aphantasia or image-free imagination
  • Visual Hypophantasia or mostly image-free imagination
  • Visual Phantasia or vivid visual imagination
  • Visual Hyperphantasia or extremely vivid visual imagery
Is this visual imagery test free?

Yes. You do not need to purchase or register to take this test and view an overview of your results. 

What do my results contribute to?

VVIQ has become the go-to psychometric to identify imagery extremes, aphantasia and hyperphantasia. Over 418,031 citizen scientists from around the world have taken this “aphantasia test.”