Vividness of Visual Imagery Quiz

Discover the vividness of your mind's eye. Over 261,711 VVIQ tests taken.

You're probably phantasic

If you could visualize moderately realistic or even reasonably vivid scenarios in the VVIQ, this could mean you experience visual phantasia, or a vivid visual imagination

Visual Imagination exists on a wide spectrum from image-free (aphantasia) to extremely vivid (hyperphantasia)The majority of people are phantasic like you with varying degrees of visual imagery vividness—some more than others. You may see vivid mental pictures, but not everyone can!

Discover Your Unique Imagery Profile

Imagination Spectrum shows you how your ability to visualize compares to others – and not just for visual imagery but across all your senses!

Take the New! Full-Spectrum Imagination Assessment and unlock a personalized snapshot of your unique Imagery Profile and Sensory Imagination Reports. 

There’s lots to learn about our invisible differences.

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We’ve collected responses from 261,711 citizen scientists, making this VVIQ Report the largest dataset of visual imagination ever recorded!

Over 43,921 people have opted-in to participate in some of the ongoing research within this burgeoning field of imagination science.

History of extreme imagination started way before the terms “aphantasia” and “hyperphantasia” came to be.

There’s so much we have yet to learn and discover about our invisible differences and the impacts on our human experience.